Monday, 30 July 2012

fashion lov'in at the now

So this is my first post on fashion lov'in at the now.These are trends i am into at the moment, they may not always be big trends but their trends i  <3

Its summer and the weather is quite warm (most of the time)so I'm really into skirts right now, and though i would normally always go for a pair of shorts, i feel teaming a girly skirt with a baggy or grungy top can make the outfit less girly and add a upbeat twist to the classic sweet look it gives off.

Here are examples, just tuck the top into a skirt or leave lose for an even more casual look .I really like this look as it looks great and is big right now.In my opinion a skirt is a wardrobe staple as it can be dressed up or down and there are so many looks you can achieve.

here are other looks you can achieve with a skater skirt. denim looks great for a casual outfit or change the top and acesseries for a more dressy feel the options are endless!

If you like the skater skirt why not also try a mullet skirt (short at the front long at the back) ,you've probly seen them all over hightreet stores they're a huge summer trend!

hope you enjoyed