Friday, 23 November 2012

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle little star? a hint to today's trend........STARDUST

stardust is a range of different prints like galaxy and star prints,but also it can be items
 that have that unusual look to them or are just really glittery and make you shine like a STAR
its basically a space theme-its a fun trend!

so as you can see galaxy print is colourful and can update your winter wardrobe.
ITS JUST OUT OF THIS WORLD! (get it!!!not funny i know ;P )
i really like the dress as it looks really cool and edgy.
also the black ad white leggings would look amazing with a knitted jumper and leather jacket <3

also just gotta show you these shoes!

weird huh?
definitely a space look going on

more spacey wonders......

Glitter,sequins and shiny metallic make you shine like a star and look great for a party.

I have to say i like this trend for the fun of it i mean look at those shoes!

A little weird is good,it shows your bold,brave and interesting.

And a little weird is something this trend allows you to do.

Put YOUR own stamp on it!


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Dark Romance:Hair and Makeup

I recently wrote a post about the trend Dark Romance, a grungy elegance.So to go with that look i thought i'd show you guys how to create the hair and makeup, cos lets face it this trend can only look complete with that oh so lovely textured hair and smouldering eyes ;)

Hair for this look (like I just mentioned) is full of texture,it looks almost like you have just got out of bed which you could try if you naturally have slightly messy hair in the morning ;) However if your like me and your hair is often straight and smooth you will need some assistance.VO5 give me texture range is designed to give hair lift and texture (ovs) simply spay onto dry or damp hair and start twisting and scrunching for about 30 seconds.

you can spray with hairspray if you wish, to secure.
And that's it! easy huh? 

The main feature: the eyes,want to be smokey, shades of blue,purple and black in my opinion work best.

When creating a smokey eye, make sure the darker shade is on the outer corner of the eye and the lighter shade on the inner (like the picture above).
Then line the eyes with black eyeliner for definition.
if you arn't handy with eye shadow just line your eyes with eyeliner and smudge until you get the desired smokey look.
Finally add mascara to complete!

Now you have a complete look to try and play with
hope you enjoyed


Friday, 9 November 2012

Dark Romance

"Dark romance", the chance for every girl to unleash their rocky side!
Dark romance is basically Gothic glam, and as you can imagine consists of black, black and more black.

This look isn't about stand out colours, but different textures,like leather, lace, and sequins.

here is how to create a dress look

Lace dresses

 keep it looking elegant.

add a jacket to rock it up


i find that with this look, applying coloured nail polish can give the outfit a needed POP of colour.
(Waring ALL black is tiresome)

If your not a fan of dresses, leggings look just as good epically lace and leather look.

extra ideas :)

hope you liked this trend Dark Romance will be doing a post on the hair and makeup side to this look
So stay tuned!

P.S this post was planned for about 2 weeks ago! was really busy with school and that, am ganna make sure i have time for another post soon!


Saturday, 20 October 2012

NAIL,That Nail Art:October Edition

so i thought it was time to yet another nail tutorial, seen as they prove to be quite popular and i have no other ideas at the moment :)

So i was looking through a magazine when this advertisement caught my eye.

MUA Nail Beads
(beads similar have been called the caviar manicure eww!)
they're like little coloured balls that go on your nails, that if I'm being honest remind me of hundreds and thousands

see the resemblance!

anyway.......i think they look really cool espsilly when used on just the ring finger

how to apply the beads
  1. after applying a clear base coat apply a colour coat
  2. while still wet dip your finger into the beads
  3. remove finger from the pot of beads and apply a small amount of pressure to make sure they are on proply
  4. apply a top coat over the beads
and they're done!

You can get the beads from Superdrug , they come in a range of colours and are £3 which int bad

this nail art is something abit different,and the 3D balls create a great effect.i havent seen many people wearing them but thats no excuse for you not too! (if you like them that is)


Friday, 12 October 2012

Fashion Lovin' at The Now : Autumn Floral Jeans

As you know autumn is in full swing and so are the autumn trends, the dark red and berry coloured jeans are sold out in the nearest Primark to me! so I guess that means they're popular and a lot of people will be wearing them,which means everyone will look similar(I'm not saying don't wear them as you all look the same cos I do like the burgundy and berry tone jeans and it is fashion)
But why not try a different autumn trend that not everyone is wearing yet?
Autumn florals are a huge trend that make a big statement.
celebs such as Rhianna and beyoce have been spotted wearing this trend.
I think the jeans just complete their outfit.<3

The jeans make you stand out all right, so they need to be warn with confidence.
here are some of my favs.

I <3 these as they are more tonned down and incorperate the stud trend. 2 in 1 such a bonus!

if standing out  isnt your thing, try these. This style print and colour sceme are bang on trend and not too bright. :)

How to wear
its best to wear plain garments with floral jeans as then they catch peoples eye and the rest of the outfit doesnt can see in the pictures above part of what the stylist has paired with the jeans to give you more ideas.
these arnt the nicest picks but you get the idea keep it simple!

Thats all!


Friday, 28 September 2012

Hunger Games: Book review

I have to say I'm not a "book worm" as they call it and I only really read when i have to.
My point-books bore me!(normally)
However i recently read the Hunger games as a friend lent it to me over the summer. Thinking I'd just read the first page i took it.
But being truthful after that first page I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN !

i loved it!and even though i had seen the film i wanted to know what happend next,it also helped to explain the film as it can be confusing at times,and i know enjoy it more as i understand it!

i finished the book within a week and a half (thats like super human for the rate i read at)
and i wanted to know what happed next so i bought the next two books(from good old Morrisons)
And love them two i read the second one twice!

Even if you dont normally read like me,i really reccomend the sieries of Hunger Games books,they are
 urgh-mazing and like i said i could not put it down.
if i was reading this id think "narh"but honestly you wont know untill you enter "the world of the games"

please comment with your views on the book or film
hope you liked


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My obsession with Paul Frank

I love Paul frank products i don't what it is about them maybe its the cute monkey face that always seems to be trying to smile! :) i love it.

Over the years i have expanded my collection of Paul frank products.
here are some of them.

This was my first ever Paul frank item i got it form Debenhams in a sale for something like £18.50 about three years ago.i Absolutely loved it and used it for my school bag until the strap broke! :( i know completely heart braking i must have over worked it.

Here are my present iteams the bag i use as my school bag i bought this a year ago from bank for £25
on the top is a laptop case i got given so i dont know the cost but ive seen them in TK Max
ear phones also given
And finally my pink paul frank phone case i love this and always have it on my phone because (i thought i'd mention again that) i love the monkey!! this was £20

so thats it!
 i think i got into paul frank because of the designs and the monkey (again) i didnt know it was a worldwide and known brand i just knew i liked it!

so there is the moral of the story guys ;) dont follow all the brands just because everyone eles does,choose the ones that you love!

Everyones Taste Is Different!
(dont be afraid to show it)


Sunday, 23 September 2012

NAIL,that nail art-September Edition

Sorry for not posting I have no excuses apart from the fact that I haven't got round to it, for which I apologise.

This is my tenth post Yey!! During which I have gained 3 lovely followers and 113 page views which is ok I guess as I am relatively new,so let's make it a good one! I hope you like :)

If you don't know Like to post about creative nail art not just the standard plain colour,don't get me wrong I love one colour nails but I feel amazing nails bring out your creativity and can complete an here we go!

Tuxedo Nails

These nails have been spotted on Zooey dechanel, I LOVE the idea of them as there original and quirky.
There are many versions of this nail art, ill do both of the ones above.

(picture on the right like Zooeys)

  1. Paint all of your nails white (use more then one coat if needed)
  2. make a dot near the top of your nail
  3. with a dotting tool make 4 more dots that outline a basic bow shape
  4. join the dots to the centre dot to create a bow
  5. paint a line across the bottom of your nail,like you would paint the white when doing a french manicure.
  6. add three more dots between the black line and bow

this is the version zooey wore for version 2 (picture on the left (top)) just change the black manicure line into a v shape so you are left with a white triangle in the middle,this my be best drawn before the bow and dots
hope that's not confusing :/

so i love this look, and collars are big this season so why not mix the two together and make a peter pan collar version.

Step By Step Guide In Pics

hope you like them and try this look,it is hard to do them on yourself but they look fab and are well worth the effert when their finished :)


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Foundation-Liquid VS Powder:my opinion

 Sorry for the slight delay been busy looking at other peoples blogs,there are so many! here are some of my favourites.

check 'em out!

For this post i thought i'd do a post on foundation as it's the foundation of makeup ovs

so Powder or Liquid?

Powder foundation
  • feels light like you have nothing on your skin
  • as long as it is minerals it doesn't block pores
  • in my opinion looks more natural then liquid
  • evens skin tone
  • however the coverage can be minimal and doesn't cover dark eye circles and big blemishes.
  •  wares off within a few hours

Liquid foundation

  • the coverage is good as it covers dark circles and blemishes better then powder
  • evens skin tone
  • lasts longer then powder
  • in my opinion it feels heavy especially when applying it
  • doesn't look as natural, as it almost covers you (i know that's the whole idea)

All in all i prefer...(drum roll please)......POWDER!

I know loads of people will disagree, as the coverage is minimal, but i prefer to not hide the real me but enhance it,i love the light feel and how natural it looks.I'm using one from AVON at the moment and paid £10.50 ,
 it seems to work well and its mineral so i can where it and not worry about blocked pores.
i'm sure my views will change as i get older,as my skin will change too
but for now i like to not cover my youthful skin
i want to make the most of it, you know what they say



Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Autumns AMAZING Makeup trends

Autumn-brings school,cold weather and the start of an even colder winter :(       
 BUT there is always a silver lining!-More party's,new trends and that bit closer to Christmas!!!YEY
( it's actually 16 weeks but who's counting?)

Here are trends to go with a fab Autumn wardrobe!

Rich Tones
As the shade of clothes deepen so does the makeup, these tones is perfect for a night out.

This is just an example of a few shades,i love the deep blue,green and purple the best for this season


Personally I'm not a fan of lipstick but you could use a lip tint pen to achieve this look.
deep lipsticks can be anything from wine red to plum.
 (note:dont do dark lips with dark eyes one or the other normally looks best)


these are rich shades again but i especially like the ones with a metallic edge.

 Smoked Eyes

The Smokey eye look is almost timeless as it looks good whenever really,but for this Autumn try gold toned shades.Make it softer by applying slightly lighter colours for a more natural look or just go for the
by making more contrast between the shades you are using and defining for a more dramatic look.

Smokey Definition

Make your eyes stand out a mile!-cheesy i know :)
This look is all about lashings of mascara and loads of eyeliner then simply smudge to achieve a thicker line.Simples.
This look is best with toned-down lips like Beyonce's.

Rosy cheeks

Look like you've just walked in from the cold with a pink radient face.

There are a few looks here you can hopefully try!


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fashion Forcast - Autumn

Hi sorry have been away for a week and am busy so have not posted in a while,it being summer holidays and all, anyway here is a fashion post i hope you enjoy.

Autumn is just around the corner and although it brings sadness at the thought that summer is nearly over :'(   
it opens the opportunity for new trends to begin-YEY! So here are some trends i predict will be big next season.

Dark coloured jeans

You can get these jeans in most high street stores .
For cheaper versions check out Primark.

knitted jumpers
knitted items are always in fashion this time of year with the cold weather and they keep us warm mmm....
however, pacifically owl jumpers are ganna be BIG!

Dogtooth graphics


keep your eyes on the colour powder blue it was big on the catwalk.
And Rococo rock jewellery as seen below, think crown jewels.

Studs,Studs and more studs!

Hope you have lots of ideas for autumn!



Saturday, 11 August 2012

NAIL,That Nail Art! - August Edition

HIYA, so I've seen so many bloggers doing a posts on nail polishs,so i thought id show you this awesome nail art that i found on youtube when i was spending one of many hours searching beauty tips.It looks amazing! I tryed it for a party once and everyone was commenting and asking me how to do it,so i thought i'd share it with you guys!


To actieve this amazing nail art just follow these simple steps

  1. Apply a clear base coat to clean and shaped nails.
  2. Once fully dried apply the colour coat (white in this example)to all of the nails.once dry its up to you wether you add another coat to strenghen the colour.Wait untill dry.
  3. Next dip your nail in rubbing achole.
  4. Then place a cut up peice of newspapper just slightly bigger then your nail,ontop of your nail and add a little pressure and try to hold still for about 20 seconds. 
  5. Carefully peel off the newspapper,it should leave ink on the nail.
  6. Finally coat with a clear topcoat to seel the ink.
  7. Repeat this process for the rest of your nails.
You can also SWITCH IT UP by changing the base colour from white to say pink. It's all up to you.And walla! A set of Goergous tallons in minutes! I hope you love this look as much as me! <3


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Natural beauty-cos we're all beautiful XD

The Natural Look is a look i am all for as i think it looks so much better then piling on loads of makeup,not only does it clog pores it hides the real you.
In this post i have taken natural beauty to the extreme!
Alot of youths buy beauty treatments from stores (they can be full of chemicals that are actually not good for your body) so why not make your own,not only will you know whats going in it,it is SO fun to do!
And make it more interesting by planning a home spar day with your mates! whats not to love <3
(note-just scroll to the ones relevant to you or you will get board js)

These face masks are easy and feel so refreshing on a warm summers day!

Face mask for dry skin


Bananas carry lots of vitamins that are beneficial to your skin, and their natural acids help remove dead skin cells to brighten your complexion,and moisturise your skin.
  • 1 banana
  • 1 tsp. honey
Mash up the banana with the honey and apply the mixture to your cleansed face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse.i tried this and it leaves your skin so soft its amazing! :)

Face mask for oily and spot prone skin

1 green apple, grated
1 mashed pear
1 tablespoon of organic and low fat yogurt

How to apply?
Apply the facial mask on your face for about 15 minutes. Afterwards wash the face with warm water and then with cold one.

The mask benefits:
The yogurt adds your skin cells essential proteins, the pear gives your skin smoothness and the apple clears up the pores and makes them smaller so makes an excellent oily skincare ingredient.

Face mask for glowing skin
•Honey 2 tblsp
•lemon 2 tblsp
Mix both the ingredients and apply on your face for about half an hour. Wash your face with water

Strawberry Mask-Blemishes

mash two strawberries and spread them over clean,dry skin.leave on for 5 minutes.the strawberries erase blemishes because they're high in salicylic acid,the active ingredient in most over-the-counter acne treatments.the strawberry seeds will slough off rough patches caused by blemishes for instantly smoother skin.

Daily Blemish-Busting Mask

Apply a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of orange juice to blemishes.leave for 5 minutes before rinsing.this will help get rid of the bacteria and excess oil.

Natural Hair Treats

Hair Reviver 
mash a ripe mango with one table spoon of plain yogurt,add two egg yolks.
blend and spread over hair.cover with plastic wrap or shower cap and leave on for about twenty minutes.shampoo out thoroughly.

Shine-Booting Conditioner
Brew a cup of tea  in a flavor close to you hair colour.
Blond/ chamomile
Brunette/black currant
red/orange pekoe
mix equal parts of tea with hair conditioner.
use once or twice a week.

Add Hair Volume
Steep a bag of nettle tea in a cup of water and apply to clean and conditioned hair while damp.Nettle coats and thickens your hair shaft.

Dandruff Treatment
Boil 2 table spoons of dried thyme in a cup of,strain,and pour over your scalp,don't rinse out.thyme has antiseptic properties.

Naturally Beautiful Lashes
Drizzle a bit of olive oil on a toothbrush or lash comb and gently comb lashes for a darker glossy look.

Hope you have an awesome time trying these out!


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Quirki Cousin

HEY GUYS, blogging is so addictive and your probably thinking well she only has two posts but they can take so long to write especially as its summer and you are out and about,i do have some more posts their just not finished yet.honest!

ANYWAY......I'm with my cousin (Sal) right now and i gotta say she is the quirkiest person i have ever meet!she is just her own person and i really admire she used to have shoulder length hair which she always used to wear with one side in a high ponytail and the other half down,how random,and also she used to clash patterns and colours, now my other cousin thought she looked like a giant 5 year old !but i love her look and she rocks it with her confidence! it may not be every ones taste but who cares?certainly not her !!

OK so I'm only writing this part because other wise my cousin wouldn't let me publish it don't know why?
now she is rocking a gorge new crop like Frankie from the Saturdays, she is such a lovely person with a lovely sense of style! - that was her!

love you!


Friday, 3 August 2012

Away from school,Away from school pressures

Yey! school is out! (has been for a while but ya no)and I'm really enjoying my time off and I'm sure you are two as school years can be very stressful and i don't think its always the Schoolwork,Homework and exams (although that is hard work)

i believe that a big pressure in schools is the fact of having to look or act a certain way,and this pressure is not given by the teachers but by the pupils,lets face it some people find fitting in and making friends really easy but others find it hard and struggle to have the confidence to be themselves and it can make school life even harder.

us girls (its mainly girls) need to remember we are all equal and stop judging people, we all do it (don't Deny it!)you can get to know some amazing people if you let yourself get to know someone,that's what I've learnt. All the people who are too bothered about looks are just missing out and not worth your time.
school should be fun!try not to care what other people thing about you!


Have a great summer!


Monday, 30 July 2012

fashion lov'in at the now

So this is my first post on fashion lov'in at the now.These are trends i am into at the moment, they may not always be big trends but their trends i  <3

Its summer and the weather is quite warm (most of the time)so I'm really into skirts right now, and though i would normally always go for a pair of shorts, i feel teaming a girly skirt with a baggy or grungy top can make the outfit less girly and add a upbeat twist to the classic sweet look it gives off.

Here are examples, just tuck the top into a skirt or leave lose for an even more casual look .I really like this look as it looks great and is big right now.In my opinion a skirt is a wardrobe staple as it can be dressed up or down and there are so many looks you can achieve.

here are other looks you can achieve with a skater skirt. denim looks great for a casual outfit or change the top and acesseries for a more dressy feel the options are endless!

If you like the skater skirt why not also try a mullet skirt (short at the front long at the back) ,you've probly seen them all over hightreet stores they're a huge summer trend!

hope you enjoyed