Sunday, 23 September 2012

NAIL,that nail art-September Edition

Sorry for not posting I have no excuses apart from the fact that I haven't got round to it, for which I apologise.

This is my tenth post Yey!! During which I have gained 3 lovely followers and 113 page views which is ok I guess as I am relatively new,so let's make it a good one! I hope you like :)

If you don't know Like to post about creative nail art not just the standard plain colour,don't get me wrong I love one colour nails but I feel amazing nails bring out your creativity and can complete an here we go!

Tuxedo Nails

These nails have been spotted on Zooey dechanel, I LOVE the idea of them as there original and quirky.
There are many versions of this nail art, ill do both of the ones above.

(picture on the right like Zooeys)

  1. Paint all of your nails white (use more then one coat if needed)
  2. make a dot near the top of your nail
  3. with a dotting tool make 4 more dots that outline a basic bow shape
  4. join the dots to the centre dot to create a bow
  5. paint a line across the bottom of your nail,like you would paint the white when doing a french manicure.
  6. add three more dots between the black line and bow

this is the version zooey wore for version 2 (picture on the left (top)) just change the black manicure line into a v shape so you are left with a white triangle in the middle,this my be best drawn before the bow and dots
hope that's not confusing :/

so i love this look, and collars are big this season so why not mix the two together and make a peter pan collar version.

Step By Step Guide In Pics

hope you like them and try this look,it is hard to do them on yourself but they look fab and are well worth the effert when their finished :)



  1. I will definitely be trying these!

    xoxo Nat

  2. those nails look so cute-- i'm going to have to try the ones in the last picture! :)