Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Quirki Cousin

HEY GUYS, blogging is so addictive and your probably thinking well she only has two posts but they can take so long to write especially as its summer and you are out and about,i do have some more posts their just not finished yet.honest!

ANYWAY......I'm with my cousin (Sal) right now and i gotta say she is the quirkiest person i have ever meet!she is just her own person and i really admire she used to have shoulder length hair which she always used to wear with one side in a high ponytail and the other half down,how random,and also she used to clash patterns and colours, now my other cousin thought she looked like a giant 5 year old !but i love her look and she rocks it with her confidence! it may not be every ones taste but who cares?certainly not her !!

OK so I'm only writing this part because other wise my cousin wouldn't let me publish it don't know why?
now she is rocking a gorge new crop like Frankie from the Saturdays, she is such a lovely person with a lovely sense of style! - that was her!

love you!


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