Sunday, 18 November 2012

Dark Romance:Hair and Makeup

I recently wrote a post about the trend Dark Romance, a grungy elegance.So to go with that look i thought i'd show you guys how to create the hair and makeup, cos lets face it this trend can only look complete with that oh so lovely textured hair and smouldering eyes ;)

Hair for this look (like I just mentioned) is full of texture,it looks almost like you have just got out of bed which you could try if you naturally have slightly messy hair in the morning ;) However if your like me and your hair is often straight and smooth you will need some assistance.VO5 give me texture range is designed to give hair lift and texture (ovs) simply spay onto dry or damp hair and start twisting and scrunching for about 30 seconds.

you can spray with hairspray if you wish, to secure.
And that's it! easy huh? 

The main feature: the eyes,want to be smokey, shades of blue,purple and black in my opinion work best.

When creating a smokey eye, make sure the darker shade is on the outer corner of the eye and the lighter shade on the inner (like the picture above).
Then line the eyes with black eyeliner for definition.
if you arn't handy with eye shadow just line your eyes with eyeliner and smudge until you get the desired smokey look.
Finally add mascara to complete!

Now you have a complete look to try and play with
hope you enjoyed


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