Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Autumns AMAZING Makeup trends

Autumn-brings school,cold weather and the start of an even colder winter :(       
 BUT there is always a silver lining!-More party's,new trends and that bit closer to Christmas!!!YEY
( it's actually 16 weeks but who's counting?)

Here are trends to go with a fab Autumn wardrobe!

Rich Tones
As the shade of clothes deepen so does the makeup, these tones is perfect for a night out.

This is just an example of a few shades,i love the deep blue,green and purple the best for this season


Personally I'm not a fan of lipstick but you could use a lip tint pen to achieve this look.
deep lipsticks can be anything from wine red to plum.
 (note:dont do dark lips with dark eyes one or the other normally looks best)


these are rich shades again but i especially like the ones with a metallic edge.

 Smoked Eyes

The Smokey eye look is almost timeless as it looks good whenever really,but for this Autumn try gold toned shades.Make it softer by applying slightly lighter colours for a more natural look or just go for the
by making more contrast between the shades you are using and defining for a more dramatic look.

Smokey Definition

Make your eyes stand out a mile!-cheesy i know :)
This look is all about lashings of mascara and loads of eyeliner then simply smudge to achieve a thicker line.Simples.
This look is best with toned-down lips like Beyonce's.

Rosy cheeks

Look like you've just walked in from the cold with a pink radient face.

There are a few looks here you can hopefully try!



  1. I was never a fan of lipstick but now i feel naked it i aint wearing any lip pencils are good too the mac ones are fab!!!
    new follower=)
    check out my blog in your spare time

    1. oh i'll have to try one thanks for your comment and thanks for your your follow!!!it means alot espacily as your only the second one!will have a look at your blog now :) x