Friday, 28 September 2012

Hunger Games: Book review

I have to say I'm not a "book worm" as they call it and I only really read when i have to.
My point-books bore me!(normally)
However i recently read the Hunger games as a friend lent it to me over the summer. Thinking I'd just read the first page i took it.
But being truthful after that first page I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN !

i loved it!and even though i had seen the film i wanted to know what happend next,it also helped to explain the film as it can be confusing at times,and i know enjoy it more as i understand it!

i finished the book within a week and a half (thats like super human for the rate i read at)
and i wanted to know what happed next so i bought the next two books(from good old Morrisons)
And love them two i read the second one twice!

Even if you dont normally read like me,i really reccomend the sieries of Hunger Games books,they are
 urgh-mazing and like i said i could not put it down.
if i was reading this id think "narh"but honestly you wont know untill you enter "the world of the games"

please comment with your views on the book or film
hope you liked



  1. I can't even express how much I loved these books there were so many twist and turns and I loved the ending of the last book where it showed katniss' life years later xo

  2. i know the whole idea of the book is amazing, the author is a genious and this is coming from a girl that hardly ever reads!

    thanks for your comment :) love your blog