Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Foundation-Liquid VS Powder:my opinion

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For this post i thought i'd do a post on foundation as it's the foundation of makeup ovs

so Powder or Liquid?

Powder foundation
  • feels light like you have nothing on your skin
  • as long as it is minerals it doesn't block pores
  • in my opinion looks more natural then liquid
  • evens skin tone
  • however the coverage can be minimal and doesn't cover dark eye circles and big blemishes.
  •  wares off within a few hours

Liquid foundation

  • the coverage is good as it covers dark circles and blemishes better then powder
  • evens skin tone
  • lasts longer then powder
  • in my opinion it feels heavy especially when applying it
  • doesn't look as natural, as it almost covers you (i know that's the whole idea)

All in all i prefer...(drum roll please)......POWDER!

I know loads of people will disagree, as the coverage is minimal, but i prefer to not hide the real me but enhance it,i love the light feel and how natural it looks.I'm using one from AVON at the moment and paid £10.50 ,
 it seems to work well and its mineral so i can where it and not worry about blocked pores.
i'm sure my views will change as i get older,as my skin will change too
but for now i like to not cover my youthful skin
i want to make the most of it, you know what they say



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