Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My obsession with Paul Frank

I love Paul frank products i don't what it is about them maybe its the cute monkey face that always seems to be trying to smile! :) i love it.

Over the years i have expanded my collection of Paul frank products.
here are some of them.

This was my first ever Paul frank item i got it form Debenhams in a sale for something like £18.50 about three years ago.i Absolutely loved it and used it for my school bag until the strap broke! :( i know completely heart braking i must have over worked it.

Here are my present iteams the bag i use as my school bag i bought this a year ago from bank for £25
on the top is a laptop case i got given so i dont know the cost but ive seen them in TK Max
ear phones also given
And finally my pink paul frank phone case i love this and always have it on my phone because (i thought i'd mention again that) i love the monkey!! this was £20

so thats it!
 i think i got into paul frank because of the designs and the monkey (again) i didnt know it was a worldwide and known brand i just knew i liked it!

so there is the moral of the story guys ;) dont follow all the brands just because everyone eles does,choose the ones that you love!

Everyones Taste Is Different!
(dont be afraid to show it)


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